Data StoryTeller

Finally A Convenient Way to Consume 
Alternative Data!

Bootstrap 4 has been noted as one of the most reliable and 

The Channel-Checks You Want,
How You Want

no coding necessary

A discretionary fund manager's job is to pick stocks...not program computers. Our platform handles the machine learning behind the scenes.

no overwhelming
data "flea markets"

The number of alt data sets is growing by 40% every year. So-called data marketplaces will start to resemble flea markets making it very difficult to police privacy violators. We only work with a curated group of best-in-class data providers.

unclutters your workflow
with everything you need
in one convenient place

First we surface the major themes being discussed across 20 million + discussions around the Web. Then we pull in the most relevant data sources to analyze them; giving the investor a 360ยบ view of a company/sector's most important KPIs.

Start With The Big Picture...

CogniSent's machine learning AI extracts insights from 20 million sources of online conversations and historic data . Through entity identification and clustering, our natural language processing models filter out the noise leaving a discrete list of the most important topics being discussed around a company or sector.

...Then Follow The Story 

Using that targeted topic list, the Data StoryTeller will display a curated alternative data "stack" from our best-in-breed partners. Our partners craft datasets derived from geo-location, credit card receipt, satellite imagery, Web trends and many other services that provide you with the channel-checks necessary to support your investment case.

No confusing marketplaces, no awkward "speed-dating" conferences and no endless time-wasting meetings. Just the data you need, delivered how you want it. Want to drop it into your own financial models? Most of our data can be downloaded directly. It doesn't get much more versatile that that!