The Team

Joe San Pietro
Co-Founder & CEO

Joe is Co-Founder & CEO of CogniSent. As he watched equity research departments dissolve and the quality of research plummet over the past decade, Joe made the decision to embark on a path to bring research back to relevance. While it is inevitable that the current sell-side research model will go the way of the buggy-whip, Joe firmly believes that by employing a mix of natural language processing, text analytics and artificial intelligence technologies, it has become possible to extract the types of unique insights to which fund managers had become accustomed. However, instead of these insights coming from whispers and winks from company management (and flying in the face of the SEC regs), these insights are gleaned from analyzing the collective conversations and wisdom across the Web. Joe’s expertise in this arena comes from multiple careers’ worth of experience on Wall Street as an equity research analyst, mergers & acquisitions banker and a strategy consultant. He worked for top firms such as Morgan Stanley, the former Wasserstein Perella, Wells Fargo’s investment banking operations, AT Kearney and Deloitte Monitor. 

Rob Schaefer
Co-Founder & CTO

Rob Schaefer is a Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer. He is one of those rare left brain/right brain people who is as equally gifted in mathematics as he is in playing the bass guitar. As text analytics and natural language processing require both a scientific and artistic approach, Rob's mastery of the two has been critical in laying the foundation of the CogniSent platform. Rob first combined his passion for coding and music during the mid-‘90s, when he and his brother, Alan, founded the critically acclaimed, The company, which offered not only tour information, but also a comprehensive live music database, was successfully sold to Launch Media for eight figures (now Yahoo! Music) in early 2000. In addition to being the technical mastermind behind the CogniSent platform, Rob is also CTO of Glassco Solutions, a company that crafts advanced technology, sales, and marketing solutions that connect glass shops with their flat glass suppliers and with their customers and prospects.

Our Development Partner
Girishas IT Solutions
Jaipur, India

We have been incredibly fortunate to partner for the past few years with an outstanding team in Jaipur. After trying various on-shore, off-shore, near-shore outsourcing models, we decided that an actual partnership overseas would best help us reach our goals. It took a while to find the right partner, but we couldn't be happier with the developers and project managers at Girishas!